Sodexo: changed working hours ‘typical’

    Sodexo is making “subtle adjustments” to some, but not all, dining hall employee schedules in response to yearly business cycles, Sodexo district manager Steve Mangan said Thursday.

    Adjustments like these are “typical,” as business patterns shift from year to year, Mangan said.

    Living Wage Campaign leaders announced an emergency meeting in an email Wednesday, stating that Sodexo has cut two and a half hours from every Northwestern food worker. LWC co-director Kellyn Lewis heard about the reduction from a dining hall employee.

    Depending on which unit they are assigned, however, some workers may not see any schedule changes, Mangan said.

    “We are not laying anyone off,” Mangan said. “No one will have their benefit eligibility affected. We will be working to make adjustments in assignments to try to make additional hours available to those that want it when possible.”

    Sodexo will post all modifications “shortly,” Mangan said. They will take effect in the next pay period, which begins Jan. 13.


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