Solange is crazy, in the best kind of way
    Solange in one of her less-crazy getups. Photo by vipnyc on Flickr, licensed under the Creative Commons.

    When I first found out that Solange Knowles was performing at Northwestern, the thought that came to mind was, “Isn’t that the girl with the crazy striped eye makeup on Go Fug Yourself?” And I checked, and I was right. The sole impression that I had of Solange was that she was BeyoncĂ©’s sister and had ridiculous fashion sense. In fact, the younger Ms. Knowles almost got to the finals in the fashion blog’s “Fug Madness” championships, losing to eventual champion Aubrey O’Day of Danity Kane. (You can’t really win against someone who accessorizes her dog to match her outfits.)

    Putting aside her hilarious fashion statements, I thought I might check out her music. Turns out it’s not half bad — her latest album, SoL-AngeL and the Hadley St. Dreams, has a distinct ’60s-style flair and was produced in part by The Neptunes, members of which will be performing in N.E.R.D. on Dillo Day.

    But what’s utterly fantastic is that Knowles’ music videos are just as crazy, if not crazier, than her fashion sense. And that’s saying something, considering Solange’s Twitter page features a picture of her wearing a minidress — with what looks like black plastic bits on the bottom — and Mickey Mouse ears.

    Case in point? “I Decided” is a sweet, Supremes-style love song, but the video juxtaposes these cute lyrics with serious historical events through the late 20th century, like the Civil Rights movement and the falling of the Berlin Wall. By the video’s end, Knowles is on what looks like the moon, in a futuristic outfit reminiscent of one in her sister’s “Diva” video.

    Clearly, when Solange does crazy, she does it well. Another example is her video for “Sandcastle Disco,” which is a good kind of crazy. Look, she can create the weather with her hand gestures! Look, she’s dancing on piano keys and drums while wearing a flamenco onesie! Also, please notice the outfit at 3:22.

    Even when she’s playing it serious, she brings the crazy. Check out “T.O.N.Y,” a song about a one night stand, for an extended “Solange-on-the-toilet” scene. Behold, acting worthy of the star of Bring It On: All Or Nothing.

    So to answer your burning question: Yes, I will be attending Solange’s concert on Apr. 19. Despite (or because of) her craziness, her songs are light, fun and impossible to get out of my head. And I’m not alone. An article in the Dallas Observer from last month completely agrees with me, noting that comparing BeyoncĂ© with Solange “is like comparing apples to fruitcakes. Solange is, delightfully, the latter.” It’s her batty behavior, like this bizarre interview, that makes me curious to see what her live show is like. If it’s one-fifth as crazy as her music videos (or if she just wears Mickey Mouse ears), I won’t be disappointed.


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