Some Super Tuesday videos

    You thought our Super Bowl coverage was suffocating, just wait until tonight! We here at NBN are well aware of how political (read: nerdy) NU’s student body is, and, to appeal to the pimply masses changing their Facebook profile pics to Barrack Obama to show they are like every other college student in the country, expect an avalanche of Super Tuesday coverage tonight (you can already see the shiny Super Tuesday box on the homepage. Look, it’s blue!). Not nearly as politically hip as all your friends because you choose to go out and do stuff? Watch this video, then maybe you’ll know what’s going on:

    “But who do I vote for Netplay?” I don’t know, I’m not getting involved in this! Maybe this rap can help you.

    But seriously, go out and vote, it’s important and stuff. I forgot to get an absentee ballot for today, so don’t be like me. Plus, I’m not exactly excited for election season. I would totally vote for a new color of M&M though.


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