Someone spent a lot of time filming a squirrel. Let's watch!

    My favorite animal finds on YouTube always end up being the profiles devoted to an entire animal. Tonight, I found one such page, in this case devoted to a squirrel apparently in (where else?) Japan. So, Cute Animal Blog readers, meet Hyoutasennsei the rock squirrel. This guy has 73 videos on YouTube, and his own blog. (Oh, how convenient, I just started studying Japanese. Maybe I can translate this squirrel’s blog in the near future.) In this video, he eats a bunch of walnuts.

    The majority of these videos focus on the squirrel eating or doing similarly inane tasks. This next clip features both of best worlds, as he eats a rice ball and then goes to bed. Nothing but thrills here at Cute Animal Blog.

    I don’t know what the squirrel is eating in this video, but he likes it!

    Diving further back into the blog, you discover the squirrel isn’t alone. The profile also features videos of a dog (wearing a shirt) who kind of looks like Bo Obama. Check out this video, which featured the first word I could recognize — “Snoopy.”

    So yeah, there is also a dog. But let’s focus on the squirrel. He eats corn in this vid.

    Keep up the good work, Hyoutasennsei. The world is a better place with your squirrel videos.


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