Spring styles that don't cost a fortune

    There’s something joyous about digging into the bottom of your closet and pulling out your spring wardrobe favorites. It’s like the reunion of old friends, estranged by a long, cold silent treatment. But maybe you haven’t had time to refresh your spring wardrobe with a hearty shopping spree. Or perhaps you simply can’t abruptly let go of the warm winter clothing that kept your blood flowing through the blizzards. Whatever the reason, it is too soon to rule out winter fashion entirely. Luckily, there are ways to stay cool and stylish, while incorporating last season’s favorites into this season’s outfits.

    Winter favorite: Boots

    While Uggs are inappropriate for spring, leather or suede boots can make an appearance in spring outfits on cooler days. Pair such boots with a floaty cotton dress or skirt, but leave out the winter tights. A chunky or stiletto heel boot will clash with the rest of your outfit, so make sure the boots are flat. I recommend riding boots.

    Photo by lebonbonmulticolore on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons.

    Winter favorite: Knit berets

    This winter, they saved you on bad hair days and gave you an excuse to speak in a French accent. So why stop wearing them? Knit berets look great with a wool coat and a light bohemian dress. In fact, there are few outfits in which the knit beret is out of place.

    Winter favorite: Scarves

    While they may be unnecessary now, the changing of the seasons has not stopped scarves from looking damn good. Scarves can still be great in a spring outfit, but leave the chunky knit wool scarf in the closet for now. Instead, pile a woven cotton or silk scarf over a springy dress or top. Feel free to adjust the weight of the scarf according to the temperature.

    Winter favorite: Tights

    Though your arms may be bare now, there’s no need to ban your tights to the back of the sock drawer just yet. Tights still make short dresses and skirts classier, and can be a temporary remedy to those pale legs you’ve been hiding all winter.

    Winter favorite: Oversize Sweaters

    What you used to wear with pants and a coat, you can now wear as a dress. Try to have it cover your derriere, but as long as your big, comfy sweater at least skims your hips in length, it’ll work as a sweater dress. Just add leggings, flats, and perhaps a belt if the sweater is too sack-like.


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