Students get artsy with TOMS

    Northwestern students gathered on the Norris East Lawn this afternoon to paint and stylize their TOMS shoes that they bought in April as part of an event put on by Inspire Films at Northwestern.

    “We thought of this event as a cool, alternative perspective of art in engagement,” said SESP junior Nathalie Rayter, co-chair of Inspire Films.

    Students placed a total of 54 orders, and those who purchased shoes gathered on the lawn at different times throughout the day to paint their shoes. There was acrylic and spray paint, stencils and paintbrushes available on the lawn. Northwestern student artists were also present to help students spruce up their sneakers.

    Inspire Films coordinated the event in conjunction with their spring Symposium on “Race in Media.” The original idea of bringing TOMS shoes on campus was conceptualized by Emma Forman, School of Communication sophomore and co-director for the upcoming Inspire Symposium.

    “My friends back home wear TOMS sneakers as well,” Forman said. “I think it’s a really great philanthropy organization because it really works on a one-to-one charity basis. There are no middlemen involved.”

    The TOMS charity organization works on a premise that with every pair of shoes that are purchased, TOMS will donate one pair of shoes to a child in a developing country. TOMS has provided shoes to children in countries like Peru and South Africa.

    Disclaimer: Photographer Lindsey Kratochwill is also member of Inspire Films.


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