Students remember Jackie Triplett

    Jackie Triplett, a staff member in Foster-Walker dining hall, passed away on Jan. 12. She was on life support after a heart attack, which happened during the winter break.

    “She was a great person to be around, always smiling and asking what’s going on in our lives,” said Weinberg junior Tyris Jones, who met Triplett early in his freshman year.

    Jones called Triplett a “mother figure” who looked out for every student who came to Plex. She walked up with a friendly face to anyone who entered the dining hall and casually started a conversation about anything.

    “The food wasn’t that bad, but, I mean, she always made it better,” Jones said. He used to go to Plex at least twice a week.

    “Jackie was radiant. That’s the ultimate word I would use to describe her,” Weinberg junior Kristin Lawson said. She knew Triplett for over two years.

    Lawson remembered Triplett as a person who attracted people to her and gave off positive energy. Many upperclassmen loved her warm personality, according to Lawson.

    “I went to Plex just to see her, hang out with her,” she said. Lawson said she does not go to Plex these days because the place does not feel the same without Triplett standing in front of the counter.

    “Jackie was a staff everybody loves, everybody can identify with, no matter who you are,” Jones said. “Northwestern definitely lost one of its best.”


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