Students to speak in queer sexuality panel

    A student panel on queer sexuality will be held in University Hall on Tuesday as a part of Sex Week.

    “You Put What Where?!” is sponsored by the Rainbow Alliance and the LGBT Resource Center. Organized by Weinberg junior Gillian Levy, the panel will focus on different aspects of queer sexuality and dating life.

    “The main focus is sex and sexuality, but when we were brainstorming what we wanted to talk about we touched on things like who pays when you’re on a date,” Levy said. Levy came up with the idea for the panel when she studied abroad in Barcelona. Out of the 35 members on the trip, she was one of two queer individuals. “They kept asking me about my sex life and I thought ‘wouldn’t it be great if people knew this stuff?’”

    The panel will be led by current undergrads who are active in Northwestern’s LGBT community. This differs from past years where lectures were conducted by professors such as the sexual orientation lecture “Baby, I was Born this Way?” led by Dr. Bailey last year. This year, with a heightened focus on LGBT issues and a student-led panel, Levy believes that this will be a more comfortable atmosphere for students.

    “These students know what they are talking about,” Levy said. “Any questions anyone might have, we are equipped to answer them.”

    Weinberg sophomore Peter Cleary will emcee the event and hopes that attendees of the event can take something away from the event and still enjoy themselves.

    “It’s really open and a safe space. People of any level of knowledge about queer sex can come and we want it to be a good time,” Cleary said. “I hope anyone who comes to the event learns something and has a good time. I hope it will be informative.”

    The panel will be held on Tuesday, April 9 at 7 p.m. in University Hall room 102.


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