Summer vibes, feelin' fine
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    Pumpkin Spice Lattes have returned, the sure sign that autumn is here. Northwestern classes are in full swing, with midterm season just around the corner. How did summer fly by so fast? If you’re not ready to put away your sunglasses and quit partying just yet, don’t worry. There’s still time to have some summer fun in the twilight of September. 

    Throw a Luau

    Doesn’t matter if it’s a 70 degree day or a 50 degree one. Unroll your beach towels and pull out your cooler - it’s time for a beach extravaganza. For less than ten dollars, you can rent a grill from Norris to make yourself some fancy meat kabobs. Pair them with mango smoothies, or a classy warm-weather beverage. Plus, you can always just pick up a pineapple from your local Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s to accent the tropical feel. Crank up the room temperature to make it really feel like a toasty summer day. Don’t be afraid to pull out your hula skirt, and be sure to have leis handy for people who have (foolishly) already packed away their summer wardrobe. 

    Visit the Farmer's Market 

    There are only a handful of sunny days left. Don’t waste them inside! Visit the Evanston Farmer’s Market to pick up some locally grown produce. Saturday mornings at the intersection of Oak Avenue and University Place, you will find dozens of varieties of fruits and vegetables. With more than 50 vendors, you can feel good about supporting your community as you enjoy fresh-picked tomatoes or even a nice slice of cheddar cheese. Brush up on your Farmer’s Market terms before you go, so you know just how the sustainable/healthy/fancy your purchases are. 

    Try Lake Michigan 

    Willing to test the waters? Northwestern Sailing can get you started. Feel the icy spray of Lake Michigan as you steer a sailboat toward the horizon. While the time to sign up for sailing lessons has passed, you can still rent boats on weekday afternoons and weekends. Kayaks and stand-up paddle boards are also available, so you can give your arms a workout. If you’re really feeling adventurous, choose the paddle board and practice yoga on the water. Warning: balance skills are required to avoid falling into the drink. 

    Summer on Spotify 

    Already pummeled by a massive homework load? Bring the beach inside. Put a smooth tropical screensaver or background on your laptop and start formulating the best summer Spotify list. Start off with the smash hit of a popular boy band to get yourself pumped up. The options are almost endless, from the classic Beach Boys to overplayed One Direction songs. When you really start hitting the books, settle down into the more acoustic side of the season. Feel free to fill up with your favorite indie artist and sprinkle in some Jason Mraz. Hard to focus when you know all the words? Simply compile some beach-themed white noise tracks. Check out the Nature Soundscapes playlist for some Tropical Rainforest or Deep Sea sounds.

    The homework can wait, get on out there and make some summer memories. Before you know it, snow will be falling and you’ll be wondering where all of Fall Quarter went!


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