Super Flash Bros. Melee

    superflash.jpgA gem from Newgrounds, this is an amazing translation of Super Smash Bros. Melee from Gamecube to… Flash. Of course, there’s only a few levels and characters, and only one attack button, but the music and spirit is perfectly captured. Items include mines and bob-ombs, with pretty decent explosions, fans, and other neat items. At the end, there are even awards like “Stiff Knees” and “Crouch Master.”

    With only one attack button, there seems to be just a basic ranged and melee attack for each character, depending on how far away the other character is. Needless to say, I owned the Level 9 computer Pikachu with my relentless Link bow-and-arrow attacks.

    You can play against a computer or another person on the same keyboard, which brings me back to the days of the Worms-like games Liero and Molez. Except the keyboard would always freeze with people slamming the buttons all the time. Still.

    Via Digg.


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