Super Tuesday: No Absolute Winners

    Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans chose a nominee yesterday, leaving the fate of the nomination to later primaries and perhaps even the convention. (For a full breakdown of the evening, check out the NBN politics livechat.)

    Obama and Clinton are in a dead heat; both have less than 50 percent of the delegates needed to secure the Democratic nomination. Although Clinton took large, delegate-rich states like California, New York and New Jersey, Obama won more states overall, with 13.

    For the Republicans, McCain won the most delegates and has emerged as the clear front-runner, but he still only has about 50 percent of the delegates needed to tie up the nomination. Huckabee did well in the south, taking five states with him and leading pundits to ask whether he may be offered a VP nomination. Romney didn’t do as well as expected, and pundits are saying he may drop out soon.

    Tuesday still isn’t over–results in both California and New Mexico have yet to be finalized.

    Next up:
    Saturday: Louisiana primaries & Washington state caucuses.
    Next Tuesday: Virginia, Maryland and D.C. primaries.


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