@SuperfluousNU: Even more absurd Northwestern Twitter accounts

    It's already abundantly clear that countless Northwestern groups have taken to Twitter quite needlessly. Unless you're a savvy, always #onbrand institution like Taco Bell, Twitter enables the worst aspects of people or groups: giving you a place to share unfiltered thoughts with the world.

    Yet that doesn't stop different groups from jumping on the social media bandwagon anyways. What results is a torrent of bizarre, pointless and downright goofy posts from groups lacking in any meaningful updates for the Northwestern body. Below, find five more groups that should've thought twice before joining the Twittersphere.


    Northwestern students are already reminded via email about certain changes to Northwestern's shuttle service, particularly whenever Frostbite Shuttles are in service. So why bother following the shuttle service's Twitter handle, which offers very little outside of this core information? You probably don't open up Twitter on your phone hoping to see if you can take a shuttle to Ryan Field to catch another heartbreaking Wildcat loss, making the @NU_Shuttles handle distinctly meaningless.


    Northwestern's Student Organization Finance Office, or SOFO for short, provides an important service to Northwestern students, enabling student groups to manage funds and transactions. The utility of its Twitter account? Less helpful. As one institution decidedly lacking in any need for a social media presence, the SOFO account has laughably little to say, so even its definition of newsworthy tweeting is "the giant moth of @NUSOFO has now left the building. it is now safe to come reconcile your accounts." Arguably it's worth a follow just for non-sequitur gems like that, but there's no point to follow the page for the reason SOFO is hoping you do.


    At this very moment, you're probably deeply curious about Phonathon's success at raising money for our esteemed and cash-strapped university. If you find yourself wishing you had some way of following the exciting goings-on of the group most known for demanding your money the moment you graduate, this is it. Oddly enough, the handle constantly links to photos on Phonathon's Facebook page, making it inconvenient to follow a page that really doesn't need to exist in the first place.


    Homecoming might be one week a year, but that doesn't mean they don't have to stay in your thoughts year-round. Should you really care about Homecoming festivities, following the account might make some sense, giving you a simple source to stay updated. Otherwise, the page is essentially meaningless, lacking any real purpose or utility. The account's managers have seemingly acknowledged the handle's purposelessness, tweeting only three times since Homecoming 2013, twice about a Chipotle gift card giveaway.


    The description for @NBOtix, the Twitter handle for the Norris Box Office, is "Tickets, Stamps & Envelopes." If you thought that lead to riveting tweeting, you'd be amazed to instead discover that the account has very little to say. Doing little but tweeting about new available tickets and, inexplicably, the weather, @NBOtix offers decidedly little in the way of useful information.


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