The 2012 Freshman Housing Guide

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    Oh, freshmen. You didn't think we'd let you apply for undergraduate housing without our help, did you? When North by Northwestern launched its redesign in the fall, our previous housing guides didn't make the jump with us. We're now happy to present the new and improved 2012 Freshman Housing Guide, rebuilt and reported from scratch with plenty of new features.

    Because the housing application has changed, so has our guide. You won't be able to rank your choices like previous classes could, but as you fill out your preferences for size and location, you can check this guide to see what a small dorm on South Campus, for example, might mean for you. And this summer, when you find out where you'll be living, you can rush back here to get the inside scoop. Not sure where to start when it comes to what's important? This North by Northwestern story is four years old, but its insight is timeless.

    Production by Tyler Fisher. Reporting by Nolan Feeney, Emily Ferber, Julie Kliegman and Dawnthea Price. Photos by Kimberly Alters, Veronica Benduski, Shaunacy Ferro, Sylvan Lane, Sunny Lee, Priscilla Liu, Denise Lu, Katherine Mirani, Stanley Kay, Tracy Koczela, Natalie Krebs and Alex Zhu. Videos by Arpita Aneja, Eric Brown, Michelle Chang, Jack Foster, Jessie Geoffray, Clara Grayhack, Stanley Kay, Mary McGrath, Jenny Starrs, Megan Thielking and Amy Zhan. Essays by Tom August, Cameron Albert-Deitch, Cheyenne Blount, Tessa D'Agosta, Andrew Dain, Dana Driskill, Blair Dunbar, Holden Faber, Jessie Geoffray, Madison Ginsberg, Amanda Glickman, Steven Goldstein, Leah Grodinsky, Christian Holub, Priya Kirshnakumar, Caroline Koppel, Lizzie Kreitman, Sylvan Lane, Inhye Lee, Daniel Lesser, Rafi Letzter, April McFadden, Susan Neilson, Alex Nitkin, Rachel Park, Meghana Puri, Lydia Ramsey, Gus Santillan, Polina Senderova, Megan Suckut, Olga Tymouch, Sam Yi, Alex Zhu and Erik Zorn.

    NOTE: Originally, the University had plans to combine GREEN House and the Community and Cultural Studies (CCS) residential college into a new residential college for Community and Sustainability Studies (CSS), which would be housed in what is now Foster House (Lindgren, a housing option not available to freshmen, would then become the all-male dorm on campus). GREEN House and CCS are now set to continue for next year, but as separate entities within one building to be combined with the current Foster House. The current GREEN House building, 2251 Sheridan, will not be a housing option next year.

    Originally this project incorrectly stated that 1835 Hinman, Jones Fine and Performing Arts Residential College and Bobb-McCulloch did not have air conditioning. Information on dormitory amenities was gathered in part from Student Affairs, which considers dorms with air conditioning to be those with controllable units. In addition, the Public Affairs Residential College also has desk lighting and a floor lamp, not overhead lighting. Erik Zorn's essay about Chapin was also incorrectly included in the entry on Shepard. Thanks to comments from scott L, Uhhh..., Hinmanite, Jonesian and Anna Nowinksi for pointing out these discrepancies. North by Northwestern regrets the errors.


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