The best of Miley on YouTube

    In honor of our greatest guilty pleasure, this post will highlight a few of Miley’s greatest moments, tributes and blunders.

    “Party in the U.S.A.,” ASL-style

    There is something absolutely hypnotizing about the movements in this video. It’s almost more like a dance-a-long than an aid for the aurally challenged. Maybe someday drunk college students can sign along to this catchy number (for extra fun, check out the translated lyrics on the sidebar).

    Goodbye Twitter — or Miley trys to rap

    To the dismay of millions, Miley Cyrus quit Twitter a few weeks ago. Instead of a formal statement on the matter, Miley decided to do a little rap to explain her choice. Unfortunately, the girl ain’t no T-Swift.

    Miranda sings Miley

    For those of you who haven’t yet discovered the YouTube gem that is Miranda Sings, you’re in for a treat. A YouTube pseudo-celebrity, Miranda is a character created by Colleen Ballinger to satirize bad singers who post on YouTube. This particular video was favorited by Miley — if you want to skip past her characteristic rambling, skip to 1:43.

    “Ninja turtles — the mutant kind!”

    There are countless, priceless videos from “The Miley and Mandy Show,” Miley Cyrus and creepy older best friend Mandy Jiroux’s (what happened to Lesley?!) YouTube channel. However, this mash-up compacts the infamous feud between BFFs Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato and Miley and Mandy — Selena/Demi posted a video which Miley/Mandy made fun of by directly parodying. This video is the only genuinely entertaining thing I have seen Miley do — at least that I will admit. “Ninja turtles — the mutant kind!” makes me laugh every time. Comedic gold, Miley.


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