The best of NBN comments

    Skankasaurus rex
    Near McTrib: “You know how many sluts I’ve talked to? A good number of sluts.”

    He’s also my spirit animal
    “Look! His name is Charlemagne—the black squirrel! He’s the king of the squirrels.”

    Morty has yet to be sorted
    In Norbucks: “Jesus would be a Hufflepuff.”

    Feet first, duh
    Norris Guy 1: “You’re eating that burrito like you would a baby”
    Guy 2: “How do you eat a baby?”

    If only it were 24 hours
    “I’m pretty sure there are worse places than BK to make out.” “Worse places? Like Chicken Shack?”

    What a prick
    Guy 1 to referee: “Suck a dick!”
    Guy 2: “I bet he won’t.”

    Chia’s jealous
    My children are not allowed to bring pets to their dorm but they CAN BRING a Pet TickleMe Plant.

    Our next Nobel Prize winner
    ecomonic recessions could really mess up great economies”

    Don’t get me started on chairs
    Even doors can be complicated…hinged door, sliding door, or revolving door. Pull or push, clockwise or counter-clock?
    I’d ask, but it looks busy
    how long does mens plesure wand take to hv a orgasm?

    Well can she write for us?
    I Am becoming more and more disappointed in the writtings of American Journalists…This is a pathetic excuse for an artical. My six year old daughter could write more intresting articals than this.


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