The Bucket List comes to Facebook

    PictureOne of my stranger tendencies, besides my fear of cell phones and my inability to be in the same room as a bowl of mac ‘n cheese, is how I tend to fixate on odd pieces of media for no reason whatsoever. Some of my past flings include the film Joe Dirt, Jessica Simpson’s “A Public Affair” and the Fat Albert cartoon series. My most recent infatuation of the media persuasion would be The Bucket List, a movie I will never actually see starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. The film tells the tale of two terminally ill geezers out to finish their “Bucket Lists” before they (bad writing alert) “kick the bucket.” I’m sure many life lessons are shared, and much uplifting music swells.

    The fine folks besides this piece of shlock have brought the concept of the bucket list to the great frontier of subversive advertising – Facebook. Say hello to The Bucket List application, a handy-dandy tool which lets you construct your own bucket list. Weeee, thinking about death even though I’m in college! Hold me, someone.

    This isn’t a complex app. Write down what you want to do before you go to the place Morgan Freeman ran in Bruce Almighty, watch your friends ridicule you for installing this application and slowly but surely check them off as your life unfolds just as you want it to. I give the folks at (insert movie studio I don’t care to look up) credit for thinking this one up, it’s pretty smart – college kids love showing off every intimate detail of their life, why not all those dark secrets related to expiring? So why am I showcasing this application? I guess it’s better thought out than the usual garbage (HEY DUDES LOOKS DECORATE MY CHRISTMAS TREE/AQUARIUM/IRON LUNG), but still sneaky enough to be an ad for a dumb-looking movie.

    And, in case you were curious, my bucket list.

    1. Install Bucket List app (check)
    2. See “The Bucket List”
    3. Eat at Chick-Fil-A
    4. Delete Bucket List app
    5. Buy CDs (check)


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