The cast of The Compleat Works of Shakespeare and the kinky tension on set

    Welcome to the first installment of 20 Questions.Each week, we feature a Northwestern student artist in a Q&A format.

    First up: theater majors Tim McGovern (junior), Nate Trinrud (sophomore) and Britta Rowings (junior), who comprise the cast of The Compleat Works of Shakespeare. A Wildcat Welcome Week staple, the student-cut and directed show compiles all of Shakespeare’s plays into less time than it takes to Sparknote Hamlet. Compleat Works opens 7 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 19 at Cahn Auditorium with a reprise at 11 p.m. on Sunday, September 21 at Ryan Auditorium.

    McGovern, Rowings and Trinrud made a trailer for The Compleat Works of Shakespeare.

    What is The Compleat Works of Shakespeare?
    Rowings and Trinrud: A play.
    McGovern: It is the abridged version of all the Bard’s works.

    What do you do in it?
    McGovern: I perform various characters throughout the show. Most of them are women. What does this mean?
    Rowings: Act. This sometimes involves talking, moving and an occasional make-out sesh with the other cast members.

    If someone offered you $50,000, would you quit?
    McGovern: I would do a number of things for $50,000. Speak pig latin for five years. Live in a leper colony.
    Rowings: Are you kidding? Of course! I’d quit for a lot less.

    Which set piece are you most excited about breaking?
    Trinrud: Britta Rowings.
    McGovern: Since we don’t have a very complicated set, I’ll go with my table. In this hypothetical, I’m not excited about doing it, though. It’s probably chestnut.

    If you could be one character from Compleat Works, who would you be?

    McGovern: Richard III. He’s a BAMF version of Quasimoto.

    What do you really think of the library?
    McGovern: It looks like a set from Oz.
    Trinrud: I stopped going to the library once I heard about the anonymous sex.
    Rowings: Around 5 a.m. during finals week, Core makes me feel like I’m in a space station and it’s awesome.

    If you had to take someone in a fight, who would it be and why?
    McGovern: Nate Trinrud. My chances of winning would go up by seven percent. That’s right. From 1000 percent to 1007 percent. He has a weak knee.
    Trinrud: Tim, because I can do more push ups than him.

    What do you eat late at night?
    Rowings: My roommate’s food.
    McGovern: Scooters. They’re the store brand of Honey Nut Cheerios. Some people have brandy. I have Scooters.

    What do you think of models who say they used to be ugly?
    McGovern: I don’t know. Let me ask my harem of formerly ugly models I keep locked in my dungeon.
    How rude of them to assume they’re not ugly now.

    What’s a sex tip everyone should know?
    Rowings: I hope everyone can find someone as perfect as Chris Voss.
    Trinrud: I’m in a play about Shakespeare. Do you really think I’m getting any?

    What’s your worst addiction?

    McGovern: Probably watching National Treasure movies.
    Rowings: Watching Wee Sing Big Rock Candy Mountain online.
    Trinrud: Cocaine.

    How often do you go out?

    McGovern: All the time. No, I didn’t knit those ornate and tasteful quilts that are in my room.

    What do you hate about Northwestern?

    Rowings: The puddle under the arch after it rains.
    McGovern: The skunks. They should all be reigned in, blindfolded and shot. The blindfolds are for their dignity. Although I hate my striped foe, I respect him.

    What’s the weirdest thing about your body?

    Trinrud: I was born without toes.
    McGovern: I have abnormally ripped abs. So awkward!

    Favorite pick up line?
    Trinrud: Britta, make out. Now.
    McGovern: You must be a Kenyan, because you’re certainly running away from me fast.
    Rowings: If you were a hamburger at McDonalds, you would be called McBeautiful.

    Do you work out?
    Trinrud: Absolutely not.

    Would you ever live in Jones?
    McGovern: Something even I wouldn’t do for $50,000.

    Which MTV reality show would you be on?
    McGovern:Rock of Love. I would only do it to kill Brett Michaels though.
    Trinrud:America’s Best Dance Crew. I’m a b-boy by trade.

    How do you feel about nudity?
    McGovern: I love it. You should see my bookmarked pages.
    Trinrud: Is this questionnaire hitting on me?

    In a haiku, why should people go see Compleat Works?

    The bedewed green grass
    The water flows, soft
    Shakespeare is a tool
    Sparkles in the morning light.
    Haikus are so pretentious
    but Nate, Tim and Britta rule
    I am good looking.
    I am good looking.
    I am good looking.


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