The deterioration and disappearance of flyers

    Something that makes Northwestern different from other schools are the flyers that are taped to the pavement. “Flyering” allows student groups and other communities to advertise events. As long as the flyer is no larger than 11 inches by 17 inches, anything goes. There are several popular locations for taping: the path leading to Norris, around the Arch and around the Rock. Northwestern students are often determined and often complete an act of taping within a day.

    Within a couple of days, however, the flyers the students taped deteriorate due to nature. As a result, some students created a website to improve flyer advertising on campus. If they survive for long, they are cleaned up weekly by Northwestern University maintenance, who hose down the sidewalks during the night. NBN documented the rise and the fall of several flyers from Nov. 4 to Nov. 19.

    Near the Arch, toward Sheridan Road

    Near the Arch, away from Sheridan Road

    On the way to Norris

    Near the Rock

    Photos by Alex Furuya / North by Northwestern

    Gifs by Rosalie Chan / North by Northwestern


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