"The Empire Strikes Barack," with two perspectives

    First off, thanks to NBNer Dagny Salas for pointing this video out. Titled “The Empire Strikes Barack,” it’s a video mashing Star Wars with campaign ‘08. Obama plays the role of Luke Skywalker, Hillary fills in for Darth Vader, and I think that’s Bill Richardson filling in for Han Solo. Uh, okay.

    Perspective One: Nerd – Pretty well done. Mash-ups like this always seem like a risky proposition, but this one does a good job of not coming off as awkward and cheesy. Sure, it’s basically just scenes from Star Wars spliced with political footage, with the occasional Jib-Jabbed Hillary head on Darth Vader’s body. Bonus points for the cantina scene, I love that part.

    Perspective Two: Political – Okay, as a pro-Barack clip, it does well enough, though it focuses more on Hillary-bashing than Obama-celebrating, but this is a politically-charged video on YouTube. But what’s the one thing missing from this video entirely? Maybe I should say person….

    Yeah, John McCain is nowhere to be found at all.

    This video illustrates a massive problem facing the Democrats. Note how the main conflict is between Barack Skywalker and Darth Hillary. Maybe I’m just letting my politics bleed into this too much, but shouldn’t the ultimate villain be McCain? Maybe not Darth, but why can’t he be Emperor Palpatine (insert “he’s old” joke here)? The problem with all this Democratic Party business is that it’s totally distracting from the fact that John McCain would be a terrible freaking president. Pundits have yapped about this enough, but videos like this one show people are focusing way too much on knocking both Democrats down, when the real threat lies on the right. A YouTube video may not be the ultimate sign of a problem, but people are taking the time to make something that does divide the Democratic Party, and that ultimately isn’t good in the long run, since both Democrats are a billion times better than old man McCain.

    On that note, if Hillary can’t even win in Guam, she probably should step aside. Just saying.


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