The Facebook Marketplace

    I’m a cynic. Just read my posts, and you’ll realize I’m highly judgemental of nearly every facet of life I stumble across. Who knows why I’m like that way, but that’s who I am.

    So, I was all ready to hate the new Facebook Marketplace feature, a section of the site where you can sell and buy items ranging from toasters to sofas to entire houses (!). But, after actually looking at it, I’m impressed – this is the first new feature Facebook has added in a very, very long time that actually seems useful (last one might have been photos, which allowed you the ability to know which people not to associate with since they looked like incredible doofuses in their pics). There is a lot of neat stuff to be had, and it seems like a cool idea for a site used by so many so frequently.

    For a more in-depth look at the new feature, check out this site.


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