The Great Gatsby lookbook
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    The titular Gatsby, possessed of “the most beautiful shirts”, is probably the closest thing the realm of literary classics has to a style icon. It’s fitting, then, that costume design for the upcoming Baz Luhrmann adaptation already looks stellar and has already inspired a pricey new line of jazz-age menswear from Brooks Brothers. Though it seems unlikely that boater hats will make a comeback in the college-crowd any time soon, there is a lot from this period piece that can be incorporated into contemporary fashion.

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    Gatsby, the Great, the one and only. In the promotional images released thus far, Leo can be seen in a dapper white-and-bronze three-piece worn over a blue shirt and gold tie. It’s an Olympian look, and definitely not for everyone, but some white chinos are an easy to class up a look. Pair these pearly slacks with a pastel polo or dark oxford to maximize the contrast.

    Brooks Brothers also put out this colorful number, and while it’s ambitious look with a price tag to match, H&M has this similar blazer that’s equally as bold but a lot easier on your wallet. This suit also brings to mind the trend of pastels, especially downstairs. Optionsabound if you’re looking for colorful legwear, and it goes with everything from denim to simple T-shirts to light sweaters. As the weather turns warm, shuck that sweater around your neck for the classic Cape Cod, or in this case East Egg, look.

    Even though Nick Carraway, played by Tobey Maguire, is not as glamorously dressed as the richer characters from the movie, he still exudes his own style. Three-piece suits and pageboy hats are hard to pull off today, but I think men should take a cue from Carraway and accessorize casual outfits with a bowtie. Proving that bowties aren’t reserved for tuxedos, Carraway pairs his bowtie with a cardigan instead of a suit jacket. Bowties can make the plain button-up shirt and pants combo look more polished while also adding an unexpected pop of color or print that doesn’t take over the outfit.

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    Gatsby character Daisy Buchanan is the striking image of a 1920s flapper. Even though Daisy may be identified as shallow, her character does not lack taste. In the promotional images for the film, Daisy is an image of diamonds and pearls that screams to be reproduced.

    For a more exact replication of Daisy’s costume, these pearls are cheap alternative costume jewelry to resemble Daisy’s. If you aren’t a fan of pearls, a classy alternative is a dainty statement bracelet that will mimic the dreamy colors of Daisy’s costume. A pair of dainty pearls and a 1920s style hairband can complete the accessories for this look. Examples include a lacey headband , a rhinestone and pearl headband or a classic flapper headband.

    To mimic Daisy’s costume, it’s about focusing on a very dream-like ensemble of subtle colors and youth. When you impersonate Daisy, you can opt for the full flapper ensemble with the classic flapper dress. However, hints of subtle reference are key. A unique dress with a loose flowing bottom and square shape mimics a costume, but is an everyday type of outfit. Mixed with a pair of heels create a complete 1920s effect. Another example of a Daisy outfit includes a cloche hat; either straw with a scarf or a classic buckle cloche.

    A 1920s inspired dress only adds to the drama. For a spring day by the lake(fill), a striped dress is the perfect way to create the look. If you favor a longer dress, this polka dotted ensemble is an ideal alternative. To finish it off, pair your ensemble with neutral shoes.

    Fashion, like humanity itself, is borne ceaselessly back into the past. As much as we progress stylistically, classic looks will always hold gravitas in the fashion world. And while Gatsby may be little more than a harsh metaphor, he and his cohorts comprise one of the best-dressed metaphorical posses out there. 


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