The Hills in Haiku: “A New Roommate"

    The Hills in Haiku is a weekly follow-up to the MTV series featuring summary and commentary in the form of the ancient Japanese poetry form

    Audrina and Justin; true love always–er, again?. Photo courtesy MTV.

    Justin Bobby is
    not a name I would expect
    Sans a pickup truck

    “It’s hard for me to
    share a table with Heidi”
    Know what else is hard? Famine.

    Too many blondes here
    “Lauren’s totally upset”
    The pout was a clue.

    They shared a table!
    Well that’s really good progress!
    Heidi disagrees.

    Lauren wants to see
    all the girls live together
    Does the lease cover drama?

    Audrina’s first words to
    ex Justin who shows up are
    “Hey, you smell so good!”

    I notice the dudes
    all have the epithet of
    “such-and such’s boyfriend”

    Who does their makeup?
    Heidi is multi-colored
    That’s embarrassing.


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