The Hills in Haiku: "Girls Night Out"

    MTV’s The Hills isn’t really my scene. I have never voluntarily watched a second of the show, and have made a conscious effort not to know the names of anyone on it. But when presented with the opportunity to retell its weekly happenings through the ancient Japanese art of haiku, I bit the bullet and dove into that very, very shallow pool. So here today, and every Monday following the newest earth-shattering, nail-biting adventure (just kidding, they’re acrylics).

    Heidi is leaving
    “Going out?” (too much turkey)
    Spencer’s not social

    Spencer came to the club
    “Like, you’re here on my girls night?”
    She’s totally mad

    Lauren works a show
    She’s kind of a space case
    Not really surprised

    Heidi’s in hiding
    Spencer saw girls at a bar
    That IS the worst night

    Clean, Clear, Proactiv
    So many zit commercials
    What’s the deal, viewers?

    Heidi says it’s just
    “Relationship vacation”
    I’m with Spencer here

    Something with runway
    I guess it went well because
    Lauren got the job


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