The Hustle Group and others perform at DU's benefit concert

    The noise came from Delta Upsilon on Friday night, but unlike last quarter, the fraternity managed to stay out of trouble. DU presented Sprung, a benefit concert to raise money for Relay for Life at 9:30 p.m. in their house at 2307 Sheridan Rd.

    But DU didn’t simply host the event: the first band, The Classics, was made up of DU brothers. McCormick senior Sho Fujiwara, McCormick senior Mike Sutanto, Communication junior Chris Byrum and McCormick sophomore Noah Pentelovitch got the event started with a few upbeat tracks. The Classics performed some original songs and covered Weezer, with whom they share a remarkable resemblance.

    James Earl Brooks II, also known as 3-D, took the stage next and was greeted by his solid student fan base. Brooks, who has been recording since he was seven years old, played five original tracks from his new album, Real Recognize Real, as well as some well-known covers. The audience sang along to his single, “Get Like Me,” and Brooks humbly smiled as he recalled that happy moment. “I put a lot of dedication into it and the music speaks for itself,” he said after the show.

    Brooks was very enthusiastic about working with DU to help Relay for Life. “My mom is a breast cancer survivor so it’s kind of personal to me,” he said. “It’s for a charity. You can’t beat that.”

    The Hustle Group headlined the show and kept up the high energy levels in the house as the night wore on. Andrew Davis, better known as Dre, explained that the group has an intricate dynamic. “Rotimi lays the vocals crazy, and J. Loonz represents the underground hip-hop… and I’m like the versatile emcee,” Davis said. It’s this diversity that makes their new album, Compilation, so universally likable, he said.

    “I feel like being students at Northwestern we represent a different image that’s very atypical, where we’re all from very urban, very hood areas, but we’re very polished.”


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