The Lost Millennials
    Graphic by Emma Kumer

    I stand against the wall

    The room is packed tight

    There’s nowhere to go

    The music plays

    No conversations are made

    People scream the lyrics But all you see are their mouths moving

    We hold red Solo cups in the air

    And have a little trouble standing

    People stare at the ceiling

    Close their eyes

    Gone are the stresses

    the worries

    the obligations

    the tomorrows

    Sweat drips down our faces

    The air is a little too hard to breathe

    But inside the cramped dark room

    With nowhere to go

    We are free

    The beat drops, the chorus plays

    We all jump up and down

    Feel the pulse in our chests

    We raise our glasses

    To the temporary liberty

    Forgetting that we are all a little Hemingway

    we are all a little Lost.


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