The Office: "Gossip"

    Parkour. That’s how The Office managed to incorporate some great physical gags into the pre-theme-song portion of the show. Andy falling into a refrigerator box? Yeah, I’ll be watching that again and again on Hulu. Sometimes humor’s not about sophistication. It’s about falling.

    The rest of the episode is equally unsophisticated, and equally funny. Michael decides to falsify rumors about everyone in the office in order to hide the rumor he told about Stanley having an affair. It’s a simple construct that opens the way for gay jokes and fat jokes. But it’s also Michael at his most Michael. He finds out he’s hurt someone and tries haphazardly to fix it. It’s a little too smart to be believable, but it’s funny enough to carry the episode.

    One of Michael’s “false” rumors is that Pam is pregnant, picking up from the end of last season. Jim and Pam have decided not to tell anyone to avoid shotgun marriage rumors. Their relationship is as touching as ever, proving that the show is entertaining even with them happily together. They come out to the office so Stanley’s rumor isn’t revealed as the true rumor, giving everyone a chance to see the ultrasound. Their current happiness is still touching and funny, but it’s hard to say where the show will go once a marriage happens and a baby is introduced. People become a lot less quippy when their sleep is constantly interrupted.

    The bright spot of the episode was the interns. They replaced Ryan for the episode, bringing the outsider, “smartest person in the room” perspective. It’s always refreshing to see the characters through a stranger’s eyes. As the show has gone on, Pam and Jim have become insiders as well, and they aren’t able to give the same detached view of the office that they once did. The ending bit about what they learned at the internship and the actors’ names Michael called them was a nice cap of straight wit from people who can tell the emperor has no clothes.


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