The Office: "Niagara"

    It takes a lot to out-creep Creed. His look during Michael’s speech about Pam’s pregnancy was pure ick. Only Michael could beat the master at his game.

    I should’ve known Jim’s adorable speech from the previews would be ruined. I just didn’t expect Jim to do the ruining. I understand the Jim-turning-into-Michael plotline, but I kind of hate it. There’s no one left to break the awkward tension and diffuse situations. The show is getting more and more uncomfortable, and I’m not sure how much longer it’s going to be fun to watch.

    Even the dance scene wasn’t fun. Maybe it’s due to my disproportional hatred of the wedding dance YouTube video, but seeing it reenacted made me want to switch channels. The scenes of Pam and Jim alone were great, and Andy Bernard carried his segments of the show. The pierced scrotum bit was believable. Kevin having his shoes burned? Less so.

    The Office is a half hour show for a reason. This hour-long special was strained with too many bad jokes to work. Things aren’t funny when they’re not possible. Dwight ending up with a lady-friend is funny, but not when she’s Pam’s attractive bridesmaid. It strains the logic behind the show. Just like the hotel staff stealing and destroying Kevin’s shoes. It was all an elaborate set-up for the end of the show, when Kevin sticks his feet into the hotel’s ice bucket. It’s funny, but it feels forced, and it relies more on being gross than The Office should have to.

    The show has got a lot of balls in the air with Jim’s promotion and the coming baby. Starting new threads like Andy and Erin’s romance and Michael hooking up with Pam’s mom is a little more than viewers can handle. Take it slow, wrap up the threads and see where the show goes. Just stop pushing it.


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