The Office: "Prince Family Paper"

    Tonight’s episode of The Office, while entertaining as usual was not up to par with the past couple of high-tension thrillers. Why would you completely move on from the Dwight–Angela–Andy triangle? That just made no sense to me. I was really looking forward to some sort of drama or wrap-up of sorts. Oh well, that is a sitcom for you. Anywho, here’s a wrap up of the episode:

    Opening joke: Jim attaches a red wire to Dwight’s computer leading to a telephone pole outside. Naturally Dwight goes crazy trying to find it and ends up at the top of said pole.

    Michael/Dwight plot line: Wallace asks Michael to investigate their competition so Michael takes Dwight to do just that. They end up at this adorable family-owned paper company, and not only are they the sweetest people ever but the father is a Vietnam veteran. Posing as a potential client, Michael gets the owner to give him his client list so that Michael can call about recommendations. Michael then screws up the front bumper of his car trying to make a getaway and the family helps him fix it up. Michael feels guilty about trying to sabotage them but Dwight eventually convinces him to give the client list to Wallace.

    Jim/Pam/Office plot line: There is an ongoing debate in the office as to whether or not Hilary Swank is hot. The distinction between hot, beautiful and attractive is discussed several times. The Office is divided five to five because Angela won’t vote. She eventually votes in favor of Hilary’s hotness, however, because Kevin made some sort of heinous comment about women.

    Closing joke: Michael feels guilt about his decision and laments his bittersweet moment. “That’s why I don’t like bittersweet chocolate. I mean, what’s the point?”

    So while there where plenty of ha- ha moments in this delightful episode, it just did not satisfy my aching desire to witness some The Office mania. After a whole week all I got were sharks, chocolate and Hilary Swank. Not bad but not the best.

    Still, there where a few sparkling moments:

    Michael, after the paper company owner tells him he opened the store when he got back from Vietnam: “Vietnam? I hear it’s lovely.”

    Michael, as the wife of the owner brings him coffee while her husband fixes his car: “Oh, Coffee. That’s too much nice.”

    Dwight, after the family helps him and Michael with the car: “Here you go shark. Let me fix your fin for you and sharpen your teeth.”

    To sum: not a failure, but not full The Office potential.


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