The Office: "The Meeting"

    There’s no fun in the office when Michael really screws up. Michael sabotaging Jim’s hope for a managerial position (which he gets in the end) made for a dour episode. The plot forwarding was necessary, and a promotion for Jim is long overdue, but it left the episode lacking for jokes.

    That left the funny up to the ensemble cast. Toby and Dwight’s faux-film noir chase to prove Darryl was lying about his worker’s comp provided the most of the high moments. Even Michael’s crude attempt to ask Oscar, the show’s only gay character, how to make a colonoscopy more “pleasurable” couldn’t live up to Toby smashing his head on Dwight’s dashboard. Darryl’s doppelganger sister was an excellent addition, and added a little dimension to Darryl, one of the show’s better characters.

    The wedding prep was another necessary but dull plot point, paving the way to Pam and Jim’s Niagara Falls wedding without giving any laughs. Meredith is so tragic her crassness stops feeling like a joke and more like the sad truth. Pam and Jim are best when they can play off of each other, and keeping them separate for the entire episode sucked the fun out of it.

    Good thing Dwight was there with a well-placed scream to provide a closing laugh.

    Also: can we get a decent prank? C’mon, Jim, hit us with something. Two episodes in and there’s still nothing memorable.


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