The other side of Soulja Boy

    Blah blah blah, “Crank That” mash-ups. Yawn, heard all about it, even in the RedEye, where old trends go to be reborn. Yet for every clip of Winnie the Pooh robocopping (note: I wish I didn’t know what that meant), there are also a fair number of vids focusing on the softer side of Soulja Boy. I speak of course of acoustic covers of “Crank That.”

    Why so many videos of people whipping out the ol’ six-string and covering Soulja Boy? Quite obvious, actually. Nothing is funnier than reciting something in a funny voice, and, gee golly, what’s more hilarious than taking a rap song, NOT RAPPING IT, but just singing it? My god, so hilarious, maybe you can read The Illiad in the same voice as The Swedish Chef next, YouTube nation will five-star you for sure.

    So this trend isn’t that difficult to pin down – people want some comments saying how funny they are, but they don’t want to think of anything original. Though, I have to give props to this guy, who brings some real passion to “Crank That.” Strum on, dude.


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