The perfect beer for every Dillo act

    Sangria, shots, mimosas – there's many ways to go on Dillo, but there's no denying the classics: beer.

    If you're not drunk enough to savor shitty keg beer yet, there are plenty of more refined options if you're willing to face off with a battle-hardened liquor store clerk. We’ve not only got you covered, but with beers you can get at most stores in Evanston.

    Morning shower beer: Founders Breakfast Stout

    Forget breakfast, your shower beer is the most important meal of the day. With water cascading all around you and the urge to burst out into song, you and your beer are the first artists of the day, and you deserve the best. Founders Breakfast Stout has a perfect “100” rating after more than 10,000 reviews, and it has the word breakfast in it. It’s smooth and the dark malt gives off tons of coffee flavor. And because we’re college students, it’s 8.7 ABV. A nice, rounded start to the day.

    OK Go: Anchor Steam Beer

    We could say something about throwbacks and tell you to drink the crap you had in high school, but you’re older, you’ve gained some perspective. Time to look at old things through a new lens. Lagers are an American classic, and probably the first beer most Americans ever try (Bud, Coors, Busch all fit here). Anchor Steam is a California common, a special type of lager that’s crisp, has a little hoppy bite and flavors beyond “sweet.” While not especially new, this beer does change your perspective on what a lager should be.

    Cults: Bell’s Two Hearted Ale (16 oz cans)

    Half mellow, half pick me up, Cults should be a fun afternoon experience. Anyone can tell you how they love the mellow hoppiness and toned down sweetness of Two Hearted, but when Bell’s started putting this godly nectar into pint cans, the classic IPA reached a new level of refreshing. If you can imagine a glass of water after running in 110 degree heat, that’s how Two Hearted (in a can) will feel on a sunny afternoon with Cults.

    Ryan Hemsworth: Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat or 80 Acre Hoppy Wheat

    Hemsworth’s music makes you (me) feel like just hanging out on some porch with friends, shooting shit about the day. Unfiltered Wheat and 80 Acre are wheat beers left unfiltered, which gives them a smoother finish and almost citrusy aftertaste. To get metaphorical, these beers taste like summer, and that’s exactly what I want to hear when I listen to stuff like Hemsworth’s Lord remix.

    Chance the Rapper: Three Philosophers

    Soft, dark and with an acid kick, Ommegang’s Three Philosophers Ale is a Belgian quadrupel that tastes just like Acid Rain feels. With hints of deep brown sugar and a high alcohol from the Belgian yeast, Three Philosophers is perfect for when the temperature starts to drop, or when you’re listening to slow beats.

    2 Chainz: Colt 45 Malt Liquor

    Craft beer schmaft beer, 2 Chainz music was built for clubs and liter bottles of ice cold regret. Nothing more to it.

    Other All Day Sippers Perfect for a Sunny Saturday:

    Founders All Day IPA

    Mamma’s Little Yella Pils

    Bell’s Oberon Ale


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