The Progressive Alliance's ASG endorsements

    The Progressive Alliance endorses the following candidates for the 2008 ASG elections.

    President: Mark Crain

    The Progressive Alliance endorses Mark Crain in a competitive race for President. His experience on the Student Activities Finance Board and as president of For Members Only lends him a unique perspective on ASG’s interactions with student groups and its most contentious debates. His history of commitment to progressive goals, such as increasing minority enrollment, is also noteworthy. His accomplishments demonstrate both his confidence and competence, and his balanced approach will be beneficial in implementing his detailed platform to improve student services and expand student engagement.

    We were also impressed by Neal Sales-Griffin’s extensive experience and believed his charisma would have served ASG well. Scott Burton’s call for simple, pragmatic solutions and his leadership experience are commendable. However, the Progressive Alliance believes that Crain’s experience and background are best-suited to overcome the challenges facing ASG today.

    Executive Vice President: Vikram Karandikar

    The Progressive Alliance endorses Vikram Karandikar for Executive Vice President. His accomplishments during his tenure on the Executive Committee are impressive. He has garnered the widespread support of the B-status groups that he has administered, and his commitment to reforming Spring Leadership Training (formerly known as LAB) demonstrates his cognizance of problems found in the current funding process. His support for increasing B-status group funding — to a room of A-status group leaders — represents political courage and principle, as well as unconventional and innovative thinking. We are confident that Mr. Karandikar, even if opposed, would still merit and deserve the support of the Progressive Alliance.

    Student Services Vice President: Nate Perkins

    The Progressive Alliance endorses Nate Perkins for Student Services Vice President. Through Perkins’s dedicated involvement with the Student Services Committee as a non-senator member, it is evident that he is genuinely passionate about bringing positive change to the committee and the Northwestern community. With the right balance of insider experience and outsider perspective, Perkins offers a unique and highly qualified insight to the projects and initiatives of the Student Services Committee. We feel that his pragmatic approach and honest appraisal of experiences will bring about the tangible results that students have been asking for. In addition to his other qualifications, we commend his eagerness to reach out to student group leaders to help achieve their goals, and to not just wait for them to come to him. We are confident that Nate Perkins would make an excellent Student Servies Vice President and would make the Student Services Committee more approachable to students.

    Academic Vice President: Mike McGee

    The Progressive Alliance endorses Mike McGee for Academic Vice President. Though both candidates have impressive backgrounds with excellent ideas, McGee’s intense passion for improving the academic experience of students, and his more realistic, actionable plans, distinguish him as the candidate who best reflects our values. McGee’s continued assertiveness and accomplishments in working on increasing minority enrollment and socioeconomic diversity, improving academic advising, enhancing online services such as Blackboard and Caesar, and involving the Center for Civic Engagement vividly convey not only what he wants to improve at Northwestern, but how to do so. His prior work in the ASG Executive Committee is also a testament to how this tech-savvy and proactive candidate will make the Academic Committee more transparent and accessible to the undergraduate community.

    – Becca Donaldson, former chair of the Northwestern Community Development Corps,
    Patrick Dawson, co-president of Rainbow Alliance and former ASG Senator,
    and Ryan Erickson, former president of the College Democrats,
    for the Progressive Alliance.


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