The Speech Bob McDonnell Should Have Given: As Read by Bob McDonnell
    Governor Bob McDonnell. Photo by freddthompson on Flickr, licensed under the Creative Commons.

    My Fellow Americans,

    My name is Bob McDonnell and I am the newly elected governor of Virginia.  I was elected because the people wanted a change.  And the people of Virginia got that.

    I’m a plain-speaking man, and I can tell you plain and simple that the world is changing.  One man can be his own business, whether through eBay, Craigslist, or through their own website.  Hundreds of people such as Arianna Huffington have become successful entrepreneurs through the Internet.

    Just as the economy is changing, government needs to change with it.  Companies no longer sell directly to Americans, but to Chinese, Japanese, Russians, Englishmen, and Frenchmen as well.  The economy has become globalized, and our companies need to be able to get ahead of the curve and adapt to that change, but with current government subsidies and kickbacks, they have no incentive to do so.  If someone wants to start a small business, they must pay thousands of dollars for licensing fees and registrations to administrations like the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Federal Trade Commission.  Competition is the name of the game, both at home and abroad.  We need to liberate the market so our homegrown American companies can compete strongly with other companies around the world.

    We also need to create government clarity and accountability.  Too often this past year has it seemed like the government has been making decisions behind closed doors, with the American public jumping in the window to catch a glimpse of what’s going on.  The American people deserve better.  They need to know what their lawmakers are doing, for those lawmakers represent the people, and are accountable to them.

    However, as bureaucracy grows larger and more entrenched, accountability becomes more and more difficult. Bureaucrats work in remote government buildings restricted to public access, yet their decisions affect all of us. That’s not fair to the American people.  We deserve better than that.  We need to free our government from its bureaucratic chains and make the government accountable to its people again.  If someone makes a mistake, the people should be able to say, “We don’t want you speaking for us anymore,” but until we remove the bureaucracy, we can’t do that.

    We also need to take back our money.  When I get my paycheck, I see more and more of it go to the government, for things that I didn’t even know existed.  I see my money go toward bailing out the banks where I had money in the first place!  I’m paying to get my money back!  That doesn’t make sense.

    We need to let the economy run its course.  A free market has survived and thrived longer than any of us (save maybe Harry Reid) has been alive.  I believe a government should not participate in the economy, but oversee it as a fair referee.  If we let business be business and make sure that both sides of each transaction are held up fairly, I see no reason why the economy will not bounce back and restore us to the prosperity that we are so used to enjoying.

    Part of a thriving and free economy is a thriving, free and healthy people.  I believe everyone is entitled to quality healthcare at a decent price.  We have seen how healthcare costs have been driven up.  I believe this is due to lack of competition.  If we allow more healthcare companies and hospitals to compete against each other, the healthcare costs will go down.  That way we would not have to subsidize healthcare as much as we currently do.  And as a result of that competition, treatments will become more effective, and innovation will come in leaps and bounds.  Not expanding the government to take control of healthcare will save us trillions of dollars in taxes, as well as thousands of dollars a year in premiums.

    There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the nation needs fixing.  We’ve seen what this crisis has done to our homes, our lives, our jobs, and even our families.  But we all have to shoulder our own load in this time of hardship, challenging though it may be.  If we can barely pay our own taxes and healthcare costs, how could we possibly pay for the healthcare costs of others?  The common rhetoric today is together we can do anything.  But unless we have ourselves taken care of, how can we take care of someone else?  Person by person, we will fix this nation.  And that is one investment you can take to any bank.  Thank you, and God bless America.


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