The truth about 3 flu fighters

    1. Airborne
    A mixture of seventeen herbs, vitamins and minerals sounds good, right? However, clinical studies have found that while Airborne has “been suggested as beneficial without scientific evidence showing a real benefit,” says Dr. Mark Loafman, Feinberg professor of family and community medicine.

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    2. Vitamin C Supplements
    Higher doses of vitamin C (200mg per day, says Loafman) have only been shown to decrease the likelihood of catching a viral respiratory infection for outdoor athletes in winter. “No benefit for the rest of us, however,” Loafman says.

    3. Bundle Up
    Going out with wet hair or not wearing a coat “does not in itself increase your chance of becoming infected,” Loafman says. However, this type of physical stress can weaken the immune system, making it more susceptible to cold and flu viruses. To be safe, dress warmly.


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