Time goes faster with old-school computer games

    Not done with midterms yet? Let us help you forget those equations, case studies and useless dates. (Who cares that William of Orange was called King Billy in Northern Ireland?) With little effort, you can waste countless hours and watch your GPA steadily drop down from your seat in Deering. Enjoy! But hey, we’re not responsible for that all-nighter.


    The object of the game is so fabulously simple — to eat the small fish while avoiding the big fish — that I can’t but help but to feel satisfied at every fishy burp I hear. The background music in Fishy is chill and calming, too. Keep in mind that some people find Fishy Classic (without levels) a little easier than the newer version.

    Flip or Flop

    All you Spongebob haters out there won’t be able to resist the sound of sizzling Krabby Patties on the grill. This game became so popular in my sixth-grade computer class that the middle school administration had to block the site. And that, in a nutshell, is why I love college. It’s also easy enough that you’ll soon find yourself typing in your three initials into the “Employee of the Month” high score board. Note: Flash required for this game. It’s pretty old school.

    Slime Games

    Out of all the slime games, Space Soccer is my favorite. There’s just something fascinating about smiling slime balls playing soccer in an anti-gravity field. These games are also a great opportunity to bond with your roommate, who will most likely stop resenting you for playing games as soon as he or she can partake in all the glory.

    Helicopter Game

    A simple game that will have you on the edge of your seat, the Helicopter Game is a great way to overcome stress and maybe even boost your ego with a high score. Click the mouse to guide your helicopter through what seems to be an unending subterranean cavern. Not certain how we got a helicopter down here, or how we’ll get it out. But you’re best off ignoring the obvious holes in the game’s storyline. Just try not to crash into the floating blocks. This game requires Flash too. It’s totally worth it!

    Curve Ball

    You’ll travel to another dimension — the “third dimension” — with Curve Ball. This game is mindless, yet difficult enough to pique your interest and even garner a little enthusiasm. Pretend you’re professional racquetball star Kane Wasselenchuk and dazzle your friends. Apply topspin with care, as the computer will spit your curve balls right back at you. Download Flash for this one too.

    City Jumper

    As a stick figure, you’ll have to master timing your jumps with precision as you encounter rows of tall city buildings. I find this game to be particularly rewarding when I have trouble jumping over real-life hurdles like the math midterm I took today.


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