Tips for Spring Quarter registration

    It’s the end of Winter Quarter and you're just about over your crazy schedule and ready for the summer, but you still have another quarter to go! Spring Quarter definitely initiates a work hard-play hard mentality in students. The sun comes out, the days get longer and the temperatures get warmer. There’s nothing more that a Northwestern student wants than to lay out at the lakefill or catch a darty with some friends. All you need is a light course load to go along with your spring schedule and you are set for a smooth sailing wave into summer. Here are the best of the best courses and distribution requirements to take for Spring Quarter.

    Most Interesting: Sexuality and Society

    If you were ever the slightest bit curious about the science behind sexuality, this is the class for you. Professor Hector Carillo takes you on a journey all over the world, teaching you the culture behind sexual practices and sexuality in all different societies. Although the class is reading heavy, many students find the class to be engaging and unique. The class only has one midterm and two essays so if you need to leave school early for an internship, job or just an early summer break, this is the class to take.

    Best Class for Juniors and Seniors: Marriage 101: Building Loving and Lasting Relationships

    The CTECs for this class do not lie because the word on the street is that this class is a “must-take” elective for juniors and seniors at Northwestern. In this class, students learn to navigate romantic relationships and some students even found it to be a journey of self-discovery. All of the readings and assignments are described as entertaining and interesting, making the work load a lot more stress-free.

    Best Elective: Theatre 143: Acting for Non-Majors

    Professor Douglass describes that “the essence of the class is in the DOING.” With a 5.8 average overall rating of the course, students will learn how to “turn the written word into action,” while having some fun along the way. Many people describe this class as a great confidence-building exercise and as a way to open up. There are two sections available, both taught by professors that have the same last name spelled differently – a comedic attraction from the start. Each class only has the capacity for 18 students so only 36 lucky students will get to take this next quarter. Good thing that they teach this class in the fall too!

    Best Hard Science Distro: Biol Sci 103: Diversity of Life

    Although this may look bad based on course evaluations, it is one of the easiest classes to take at Northwestern if you are someone struggling to find that last easy hard science distro. Nearly 88 percent of the students who took this class last year reported that the class required 3 or fewer hours of their time. Reportedly, not many people go to the class and there are only two exams that your final grade is based on. Overall, if you need to take an easy class to balance out your heavy schedule, this is the one for you.

    Best Class to Take as a Freshman: Sociology 110: Introduction to Sociology

    Are you ready for a wild ride? Professor Rawlings will make this seemingly boring introductory course into a mecca for entertainment. Rawlings will engage you in each and every lecture and make you digest complicated sociology concepts in a whole new way. Participation is required, but you will not regret skipping your early afternoon nap for this course. The class consists of a midterm, two papers and a final that is on the first day of finals week, making it easy to scoot out of Evanston for an early summer!


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