To celebrate NU's win, cats in bowls!

    Northwestern’s football team pulled off something big yesterday — by slappin’ up Purdue, the ‘Cats now have enough wins to be bowl eligible. For NU, reaching six wins in the season is equal to a junior high girl getting to attend a sneak preview of High School Musical 3. These moments (we have to finish at .500!) don’t come along often, so value them, especially you young folk who didn’t have to weather the storm that was the 2006 football season.

    To celebrate NU’s bowl-tastic accomplishment, lets take a gander at some cats sitting in bowls. Sometimes being literal pays off.

    I’m pretty sure this constitutes animal abuse, but everyone in the video is having so much fun!

    The music in this video definitely constitutes human abuse, but the kitty makes it all good.

    This video represents NU going to the Motor City Bowl. By which I mean IT WOULDN’T BE RIGHT.


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