Totally cool birds skateboarding
    Photo by foxxyz on Flickr under Creative Commons
    Photo by foxxyz on Flickr under Creative Commons.

    Bird skateboarding is apparently a very active sub-culture. There is an entire blog devoted to it (every post is worth your time). There are lots of awesome photos. And the videos… the videos are all over YouTube. Just watch this.

    This video is slightly longer, but the owner isn’t down with embedding, so link clicking it is. This video, though, is embeddable, and thus a lot cooler than that other one.

    Do you remember Tech Decks? Those were the biggest deal back in junior high. If you couldn’t pull off the raddest moves with your tiny skateboard, you were nothing. And heaven forbid you if you didn’t even own a Tech Deck… you’d be the very bottom of the social scene. God, junior high sucked. Watch a news report about birds skateboarding.


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