Are we human or are we transfer?
    Northwestern students are constantly in flux, switching between the University's six schools frequently. Visualization by Matthew Zhang / North by Northwestern

    Choosing a major can be tough. Some of you will follow your four-year college plan from the first day you set foot in Diversity of Life to the day you walk across the graduation stage. Well, look at you. Aren’t you lucky? Others of you have had to sit through lectures wondering whether you really care about Economics or whether it was simply all you knew in high school. Others of you have endured countless phone conversations with your parents at home that always resulted in you yelling, “YOU ALWAYS TOLD ME I COULD DO ANYTHING, AND NOW THAT I’M IN COLLEGE YOU’RE JUST TAKING IT ALL BACK?! I’M TRYING TO FOLLOW MY DREAMS, MOM!”

    All this to say, finding a path through college isn’t straightforward. Fortunately, you're probably not alone: Every year at Northwestern, over 300 students not only switch majors, but also transfer into entirely different schools. Check out our exploration of that transfer data here.


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