#NUDM tweet roundup: Block 1

    Dance Marathon 2012 just finished its first block and Twitter has already exploded with the #NUDM hashtag. Here are a few of my favorite Tweets from the first three hours of DM:

    It’s only been 30 minutes and we all CRAY #NUDM - @sangiskor

    Woah, hold on there, buddy. You’ve got 29 more hours and you’re wasting all your cray at once. If you don’t start managing your cray better, you’ll hit the wall in Block 2.

    3/90ths down #NUDM - @bridgetdmac

    So this Tweet tells us one thing. This particular Tweeter is measuring DM in 20-minute intervals. I’m not an expert, but this can’t work out in the long run. When everyone else has 15 hours left you’ll be saying, “Only 45 more,” to yourself. That can’t be too encouraging.

    Dean Howard mouthing the words and swaying to the music. #NUDM - @thedailynu

    Now this Tweet isn’t particularly funny in and of itself, but since it came out during the opening song – the Black Eyed Peas’ “Let’s Get It Started” – it does make me imagine some magical combination of Burgie and will.i.am, which is all I need to make these 30 hours fly.

    @NUDM One hour down and I’ve eaten 10 cookies. here’s to 290 more cookies and 29 more rockin’ hours. #NUDM - @honestlyBecca

    Woah. If you, like, actually eat 300 cookies throughout DM, that will be more impressive to me than the actual dancing for 30 hours. Keep me posted on your progress. You can do it, champ.

    Someone just yelled out rack city in the girls changing room, hope it was a girl #nudm - @yashasaxena

    Stay classy, Northwestern.

    Were two hours in and I have nothing clever to say #nudm #sad - @kacie_mc

    What a coincidence. Neither do I.


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