U' don't know the Whitest Kids?

    Today on North by Northwestern, you might find my review of Miss March and interview with Zach Cregger, Trevor Moore and Craig Robinson. As a big fan of Moore and Cregger’s sketch show, The Whitest Kids U’ Know, I was thrilled to write these articles and get to meet these guys. However, I forecast that somewhat less than 100 percent of you are explicitly familiar with the sketch troupe. So, to supplement all that jazz, I am posting a bit of a get-to-know-you portfolio of some of the best Whitest Kids sketches from their TV series (The show is on IFC, which is not a Viacom company and therefore hasn’t been obliterated from YouTube). Warning: these clips are certainly NSFW.

    1: The Slow Jerk. This is perhaps the most widespread of the WKUK videos. Your typical “bro” has imitated this one at least a couple of times.

    2: The New Thing: This skit was so good that Budweiser stole the idea and made a commercial… not sure how the suit turned out.

    3: Ford’s Theater: I was thrilled to see this done live at the WK show on Thursday, being immersed in the cross-theater yelling. Everyone knows the old stereotype about a certain kind of person being vocal in theaters. Of course, I’m talking about President Abraham Lincoln.

    4: The Classroom Skit: If things offend you, please don’t watch this.

    5: The Dirty Dating Game: Just filthy.

    6: Poop Meeting: Fans of poop only, please.

    7: The Deer: Ibid., except with bestiality.

    8: Get a New Daddy: A bit of musical comedy. This one’s also shocking to most, but if you’ve made it this far I assume that you are into this sort of thing.


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