In Photos: Unbelievable Waa Mu
  • The show opens with C.J. Brooks’s characters, extraordinary heroes leading extraordinary lives.
  • C.J. Brooks (played by Communication junior Lucia Godinez) sings about her doubts for the future. A senior in high school, she isn’t sure she wants to be a doctor anymore, but she doesn't know what’s next.
  • Skylar Brooks (played by Communication senior Jessie Jennison) sees her sister C.J.’s stories come to life as her sister reads from her notebook.
  • Skylar gets ready for school. She’s excited for her very first day at Hillside High.
  • It's another exciting year of classes, football, relationships and gossip at Hillside High.
  • Eddie (played by Communication senior Eric Peters) would prefer to “Go it Alone” rather than work with Skylar, but Ms. Bickle (played by Communication junior Grace Bobber) discovers that the pair has a lot of potential as partners.
  • Trio of mean girls Ashlie, Allie and Abbie (from left to right, played by Communication junior Sarah Ohlson, Communication senior Charlotte Morris and Communication junior Chamaya Moody) keep the gossip going at Hillside High.
  • Mike Brooks (played by Communication junior Sam Groisser) plans to land a spot on Hillside High’s football team.
  • One of C.J.’s friends, Wren (played by Communication senior Dan Leahy), is sure that this year will be his year.
  • Eddie prepares to unveil the new invention he created with Skylar Brooks.
  • Winston (played by Communication junior Christopher Flaim) ponders his role as the school mascot.
  • C.J.’s friends read through her notebook of extraordinary stories.
  • Hillside students get down at the school dance.
  • C.J.’s friends imagine themselves as the extraordinary heroes they are “In C.J.’s Eyes.”
  • C.J.'s six superheroes fight evil and promote justice, even in the shadows.

Beyond Belief, the 86th annual Waa Mu show, opened in Cahn Auditorium this weekend. More than 100 students came together to write, compose, choreograph and produce the full-length musical detailing the lives of two sisters who battle difficult situations by creating characters with amazing abilities based on normal people in their everyday lives. David H. Bell, a musical theatre professor at Northwestern and an award-winning professional director, helped provide artistic direction for the piece, which runs through next weekend.


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