University Archives celebrates 600th fan
    A cake baked in honor University Archives’ 600th fan. Photo courtesy of Northwestern University Archives.

    When the Northwestern University Archive’s Facebook page gained its 600th fan today, they baked themselves a cake. It was chocolate, had blue icing and, presumably, tasted delicious.

    However, the monumental occasion went relatively unnoticed by the nearly 16,000 students who do not “like” this cute “repository for…official University records.” And this, if I may say, is an utter travesty.

    Although, admittedly, I did not become a fan until 20 minutes ago, I am outraged that none of my Facebook friends have had the opportunity to revel in posts such as “Spend New Year’s Eve Re-living Great Moments in Basketball.”

    Thankfully, it seems the Archives is on board with my outrage. “When we reach 750 fans,” they pledged in today’s post, “we’ll share the celebration with everyone. We haven’t decided exactly how (that would be a huge cake) — so stay in touch for more details.”

    And so, to the people of the Northwestern Archives, congratulations, and I hope you weren’t lying about that huge cake. As of tonight — a mere four hours after posting your promise — you have 604 fans. Wait, make that 605…you’re welcome. Save me a piece of cake.


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