University strategic plan update presented to faculty and staff

    University Provost Daniel Linzer presented the university’s new strategic plan for the next decade to faculty and staff Wednesday in Norris University Center. The presentation, “Northwestern Now: Connect. Discover. Transform.” explained how the university is trying to distinguish itself from other similar institutions. He presented the same update Tuesday on the Chicago campus.

    Linzer said that Northwestern must improve its branding on a national and international scale, regretting that Northwestern is often known primarily as Midwestern.

    “When we ask people ‘what are Midwestern values?’ we get mostly pejorative terms,” Linzer said. “We don’t come across as the edgy, entrepreneurial institution that we are.”

    The new strategic plan aims to innovate the learning environment, differentiate the research and creative enterprise, empower the university community, foster life-long membership in the Northwestern community and engage the world.

    Linzer emphasized the need to increase the university’s diversity.

    “People still feel that we have not achieved the type of community that we are trying to be,” he said. “At a minimum, you have to get the numbers right. We learn best from being exposed to different backgrounds and ideas from our own.”


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