Untitled J.J. Abrahams project titled, trailered

    Remember watching Transformers this summer and seeing a mysterious trailer before Optimus Prime started breaking stuff, maybe involving giant monsters and New York? This jog your memory? The Internet world went nuts over this, but then the hype sorta died down…but expect it to go back up, as an actual trailer will begin showing before Beowulf this weekend. Don’t want to sit through boring English literature transformed into blockbuster material? Well, the trailer is on the Internet, and actually looks cool, a miracle considering the hype for the film reached truly annoying levels this summer. It has a name now too – Cloverfield. This could be yanked at any minute, so start watching now, nerds.

    Update: And there it goes. The trailer is gone from the Internet, so I guess you’ll have to go see Beowulf to see it. Or wait like, three days for it to be back on the Internet.


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