Up with the cups

    1. Staple about 24 cups bottom to bottom in a circular ring.
    2. Nest cups in the valleys created by the first row until you have seven layers.
    3. Use the same stapling technique to create a 15-cup shield. Place it in the bottom of the chandelier as the bottom.
    4. Cut each dowel rod in half with a good pair of scissors.
    5. Insert the four dowel rods through the spaces between the second and third rows from the top.
    6. Thread the socket cord through the thole until the socket presses against the hole. If the hole is too big, superglue the intersections of the rods to keep tight.
    7. Reach below the socket and screw in the bulb. The bulb shouldn’t touch the cups.
    8. Screw in one or two hooks into the ceiling where the chandelier will hang.
    9. Plug in and secure the light cord to the wall and ceiling with included fasteners.
    10. Hang the chandelier and switch on. Classiest disco ball ever.
    11. Use tinted lights or paint the edges of the cups for a more colorful glow.


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