Ur Future

    I will mow my lawn
    in retired running shoes
    and paint-stained cargo shorts
    and t-shirts sweated through.

    I will wear a headband
    when my hair is gone
    and wide-mouthed middle-schoolers
    walk backwards cross my lawn.

    As she sleeps on the folding chair
    I will pass my wife
    whose headphones (Beats™) will spare me fear
    of rousing her to life

    Seeing here my moment
    I will seize the hour
    to make a sandwich, masturbate
    and linger in the shower.

    –- a thought occurs –

    I could take my bike, a book,
    a notebook; leave my phone;
    toothbrush, soap, one bag –

    She wakes.

    I will not leave my home.


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