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    It’s Valentine’s Day, and you haven’t gotten a gift yet for your significant other/your friend/yourself. You quickly scribble a heart onto a piece of paper in crayon and wonder if it’s really the thought that counts. You give it to them, watch the hope die in their eyes, and the world around you explodes, buildings falling down everywhere, the sky a scary red, Him from the Powerpuff Girls cackling in the background...

    Okay so maybe it won’t happen exactly like that, but you know how bad it’ll be. Never fear, NBN’s got you covered for those cute gifts that show you love everyone and anyone in your life on this corporate-driven holiday. All of the following are interchangeable between genders.

    Long-distance girlfriend

    So your girlfriend is long distance, perhaps in another state or country not plagued by snow, and you have less than a week to ship her something wonderful. If you’ve been dating for quite a while, why save the extravagance for when you actually see them? Send them a rose that will last a lifetime – literally – with a real rose coated in 24-karat gold, silver, or white gold. This timeless flower is beautiful and can be handled easily, and is around $89. If if you’re looking for something a little lower in your budget, the website also has hand folded paper roses complete with a vase for $45.

    For something a little more cute and snuggly, try a plush unicorn bouquet for $49.99. Yep, you read that right. The bouquet comes with 9 adorable unicorns in three different colors that your significant other can cuddle with always. Each unicorn comes with its own little “stem” that attaches to its collar, like the cutest, softest, cuddliest flower ever. Who doesn’t want a bunch of adorable unicorns delivered to their door? If you want something a little more edible, send them an Edible Arrangement bouquet of chocolate-dipped fruit shaped like flowers.

    Long-distance boyfriend

    For that guy in your life that you haven’t seen since New Year’s, get him something that’s both old-school and keeps time: an engraved pocket watch, around $96. For something a little less serious and all for only $11.99, get him this pixel heart changing mug that fills up its health as you fill it up with warm beverages. Whether he’s a caffeine junkie or he’s just obsessed with the Legend of Zelda, this is perfect for the hard worker or tea lover in your life, and just in time for midterms for every other person who isn’t on the quarter system. If you're feeling especially creative, wrap it in this Companion Cube gift box, and it’ll be an even more heartwarming gift than if GLaDOS sent it. 

    Significant other that’s actually here

    Whether they’re still on campus or they’ve moved on to that apartment all the way past Davis, you can still celebrate Valentine’s Day without a hitch. Everyone loves food and chocolates, and what better way to celebrate the day than with a heart-shaped cake from Bennison’s? Two layers of chocolate goodness that can be customized and, more importantly, shared for $38.95? What’s better than that? Take them out to dinner at a moderately-priced restaurant such as Koi, and finish up at Andy’s by getting their Valentine’s Day Cookie Casanova Sundae for a sweet treat. If you want to pull out all the stops, take them to a three-course dinner at Oceanique. 


    They’re there for you when you need them, they pick you up while you’re down, and they love you unconditionally. What better way to make their day than to treat them on Valentine’s Day? Take a trip back down memory lane to fifth grade, when you made Valentine’s for everyone in your class, and break out those crayons – or if you’re not feeling too creative, print out some of these and douse them in glitter.

    For that best friend in your life that’s always got your back, get them some canned Valentine’s Day spirit for only $9.99. That’s 375 milliliters of canned spirit that will be there for you, always. If you want something more customizable, get this can of love spirit for only $14.99. 


    You deserve the best, and nothing says you love yourself more than giving yourself something neat.  Get yourself a box of heart-shaped brownies from Bennison’s ($2.99 per brownie), or, if feeling a little more of the love, get yourself some chocolate-covered strawberries from Shari’s Berries – spare no expense. Get yourself those concert tickets you’ve been dying for, or vow to go to Lollapalooza this year for a really late love-yourself gift. You are worth it.


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