Vice presidential candidates take the stage in debate

    Communication sophomore Jasmine Johnson and Weinberg junior Ash Jaidev faced off in ASG’s vice presidential debate in front of about 15 people Thursday night in the Wildcat Room of Norris. They are running alongside Medill junior Matt Bellassai and Weinberg junior Austin Young, respectively.

    Johnson and Jaidev only disagreed on a few points, including the need for an HR representative on the ASG executive board  (Johnson was in favor of one) and the importance of prior ASG experience for both running mates on the ticket.

    “You have to know ASG,” Johnson said, pointing to Bellassai’s experience as a senator and executive board member. “You have to know how to work the system.”

    Jaidev stressed that he and Young know Northwestern as a whole, with each of them being familiar with different parts of campus.

    “Austin has a broad vision and that’s incredible,” Jaidev said. “I think what makes us a great team is that I hope to apply his broad vision on a day-to-day basis.”

    Johnson and Jaidev had similar responses to several issues, including the necessity of internal and external ASG improvements and involvement in big campus issues like the New Student Center Initiative. They had even chosen the same spirit animal: a lion.

    This debate was a prelude to Monday’s presidential debate, currently scheduled for 8:30 p.m. in Harris 107. The time may change, though, in order to avoid a conflict of interest with Northwestern Hillel Presents: A Conversation with Eugene Levy. For a run-down of the vice presidential debate in more detail, see the liveblog.

    Correction: We did indeed mean Jaidev. Thanks, A.


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