Viral Videos You Can Believe In

    As you may suspect, the YouTube channels continue to be flooded with nothing but election videos. Why opt for CSPAN when you can see endorsements by special interest groups and online comedians the world round? Here are a few favorites:

    Given the difficult task of finding a popular Jewish Comedian, decided to make shock-comic Sarah Silverman the poster girl for their campaign. In this video that launched last month, Silverman describes a hilarious voting initiative for the young Jews of America — flying down to Florida and convincing their Jewish grandparents to vote (for Obama).

    The group’s 24,000 members are counting on swinging Eretz Florida toward the left.

    If you’re mad at me for subjecting you to four minutes (which is pretty damned long by internet standards) of politics, here is a more light-hearted approach to Baracking the vote, and what an excellent throwback it is.

    But what about the McCain camp, you might ask. Well, here is the most popular video on the web that sports the red elephant somewhere in its hyperlink:

    I apologize if you were expecting something funnier, but it looks like the internet humorists are a little one-sided this time around.

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